Guess the Featured Artist – 666/FTN

The blade of the knife was sharp upon his neck. As he felt it cut through the side of his throat, he realized that his killer was only cutting through a foot of living flesh. It is just like killing an animal, he thought. He tossed the severed upon the dying body… nothing more now than a dead piece of fucking meat. “We kill these mother fuckers for fun.”

All Dead Jews – 666, Pagan/s Welcome

We got some artwork we’ll be featuring today. Some real nice work here of Witches in the Hole. Support the Underground – riot is a movement ‘& the weather is fine.’


Some Roerich paintings – Lenin actually became a buddhist after the revolution.


Some frauds were found otherwise we wouldn’t be showing these…





This next one is also called Burzum Playing in the Woods Again…


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Hail Satan, Black Prince of Hell – BCast #5

Make sure you like this guy on your reverb page. Hail Satan/The Praise of Xtian Murder – We’re out here in Romania today… “187 on a mother fucking cop.” I’m so drunk I’m going to go run around in the street naked, like a fucking dog. I want to slang the cocaine these cops are using/dealing. Shit we’re gonna kill these cops just for doing their fucking jobs… Hey, you keep defending the cops for shooting innocents & I’ll keep defending the people who are kidnapping, murdering and torturing these fucking punk ass pussy fuck faggot pigs. I heard in California that President Trump is already putting up signs of mexicans running back across the border. Yeah… right next to those pictures of black fucking nazis seigin heil. Fuck the usa- it’s all over now. Albania here we come…

Or Fistfucking your Whore w/ Her Screams

Mr. Solstad has a website up. Check it out… they may have one or two good albums out now, but if HAT ain’t there, you now the drill… Drugstore Cowboy.

I Don’t Have to Like the Jews – Mate Call #1, BCast #

They’re a mind fucked, diseased race of paranoid fucking nazi jews. Jon Stewart, Seinfeld, & the occasional Woody Allen film. (w/ Howard Stern on the radio) Make sure to get your kick ass wallpaper before you leave.

Q: Having a bad day?
A: No, I actually only want to see 2 women naked- the second of which I only want to wear a bikini around the apartment (or bra & panties, whichever she prefers), the third I just want to be around & the fourth I just want to bother by asking a lot of god damn questions.

Holy Mary, the Raped, Impregnated by Priests, Schizo-Fucking-Phrenic – Beercast #2

Q: What is better than free cigarettes?
A: Free fucking chronic

The Search for the Key
i went & saw paul.
he told me to speak w/ john.
when i did, he told me there wasn’t any key all.
george said that one couldn’t be found, that i would have to go & speak to the mother. when i did, all she told me was not to get cum on her sofa & i found out the virgin was just an invention of the church. so i talked to her & found out she was nothing more than the Magdalene they continued to call the whore & that she wasn’t a virgin, but actually the wife of a christ.

it’s not unusual really; it’s nothing even out of the ordinary
it’s just a lot of god damn time spent outside of san francisco drinking non-quality beers
(c) 2015 Miłość Trompf

Autonomous Oblast of Carpathia

These are listed territories (appearing in order of appearance) of the Territory of the AÖC, Autonomous Oblast of Carpathia. Also listed are the ranking members of government, listed in order of appointment, not specific order.


Originally cordoned off by NOCTORAL, 04 March, 2015 (Adrians Day 1.1) South Poland is born. (South Poland was later renamed the Autonomous Oblast of Southern Poland)


September 2016. Lord Nekroth receives word of NOCTORAL’s death, renames territory of A.O.S.P. the Autonomous Oblast of Carpathia, seizes Kaliningrad Oblast ‘as it no longer even connected to the Russian Federative.’ Territory of the AÖC increases by 223.03 km2.


12th February, 2017 14:58 Minsk Time. Lord Nekroth seizes Belgorod Oblast in support of Lugansk People’s Republic. AÖC expands in territory by 27,100 km2.


Minsk Date 20 February, 2017. Lord Nekroth orders occupation of Lithuania. Occupation begins…


25th February, 2017 03:50 Minsk Time. Lord Nekroth seizes Kursk Oblast increasing AÖC size by 29,800 km2.

With the territory of Lithuania still under dispute, the current area of the AÖC stands at 72,000 km2.

Current Ranking Members of Government, AÖC

Listed by date of appointment, not by rank.

Minister of War: Varg Virkernes, Appointed in Abstentia (2015) NOCTORAL. Was ordered executed by Lord Nekroth for reasons unexplained (2016)

Minister of Finance: Rob Darken, Appointed in Abstentia (2016) Lord Nekroth. Was dismissed of his duties at the time Virkernes execution, later reinstated to his previous post.

Minister of War: Kount Grishnakh, Appointed (2017) Lord Nekroth. Resurrected on the isle of Caithness using an alchemical formula left by NOCTORAL, Grishnakh, now immortal, butchered Lord Nekroth after resuscitation. Unconfirmed, Appointment Stands

Minster of Defense: Ташо Сурков (Tasho Surkov), Appointed (2017) Yürosläv Nechayëv

Minster of Law & Justice, Counsel to the Throne: Martölli Grächek, Appointed (2017) Yürosläv Nechayëv