Report from the AÖC

07 March, 2017. 01:04 Minsk Time

AÖC attempts to seize Murmansk Oblast. Russian Military intervenes, launches bombing sorties to prevent infiltration of its Northern Fleet. AÖC pushed back to region of Lomonosovsky District.

11 March, 2017. 00:27 Minsk Time

AÖC takes Novgorod Oblast, hereby increasing in size by another 55,300 km2. Lord Nekroth appoints Yarosläv Nechaëv as acting & presiding minister during his absence.

14 March, 2017. Yarosläv Nechaëv appoints Michel Chossudovsky Minister of Economic Warfare, then accepts the name of Drak Sahka. Drak Sahka renames kingdom of AÖC the Autonomous Republic of Carpathia (ÄRC).



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