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We thought we’d take a few moments to post some of our favorite Burzum albums. These are not inclusive, but they definitely stand out as more of our musical faves.

Aske (1993)


Hvis lyset tar oss (1994)


Belus (2010)


Dauði Baldrs (1997)



ÄRC Burns 35k American Soldiers Alive

Minsk Time 23:27. 29 May, 2017.

In support of the Luhansk People’s Republic, the ÄRC seizes Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine.


Drak Sakha executes 54k xtians on national television ‘just for being alive’ bringing the total number of xtians executed to 209,304. ‘If the hollow embrace of Jesus is their salvation, then we will make sure the two are never separated.’ Cutting out each of their hearts individually, he placed them in the fire to burn into the nothing they will eventually become. ‘If god is their creator, then we will make sure they die, just as we killed him long before. If they wish to house residence with such a falsehood, then we shall make sure their bones & dust never leave the earth.

Sakha further pledges his undying loyalty to Nekroth, his future services to Satan, the unholy & declares war upon a marauding army of incompetent american infidels, vowing the eternal death of their children & the execution of all those currently in their service & any future members who enter their ranks.

Under the order of Lord Nekroth, Sakha burns 35k american soldiers alive at an undisclosed location and has their heads severed from their bodies & placed upon pikes in a circle around the capitol. After the circle has been completed he orders the same to be lined in equidistant proportion to the four paths in & out of the city out of the city while feeding the remains of their bodies & seared flesh to the animals.

ÄRC (Ramadan 1438 AH)

Yarosläv Nechaëv, presiding minister of AÖC declares Vzvad capital of ÄRC, changes name to NÖVÖD.

ÄRC to seizes Vologda, Tver, and Pskov Oblasts, increasing size of AÖC by a further 285,100km2; orders execution of 155,304 xtians.









Minsk Time 20:30
Lord Nekroth seizes Lovozersky District, increasing area of ÄRC by 53,800km2.


In response to ÄRC occupation of the Vologda, Tver, and Pskov Oblasts, Russian forces mobilized at St. Petersburg to prevent any further encroachment upon their territories stating that, ‘Previous agreements on the Restoration of the Central Black Earth policy have been violated. Any further acquisition of Federated territories will be taken as an outright aggression & act of war. ÄRC responded by stating that is has no interest the territories lying within the Russian Federative boundaries and is interested instead on the acquisition Kharkiv instead.

Q: What does my ex-girlfriend with Varg Virkernes mean?
A: (Laughing) It wouldn’t surprise me. It means I get to find me a very beautiful wife indeed. Best of luck to them… I read somewhere he already has a wife. I think I’ll take four wives, a nice, sexy Asian woman to start. Then perhaps a Slovak. Maybe I’ll make my first wife Queen and won’t even bother with the other three. Because [in rap music voice] that’s how we do.

Dreaming of that sexy woman overseas modeling off her green fucking shorts…

“If you take away their god… then there is no one left to forgive them. If you take away the power of the priest… then there is nothing standing between them and their lord. If you remove the church entirely from the land… then there is nothing left at all to condemn.” Lord Nekroth

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A: God damn fucking faggots, that’s who. 25 years to life says you don’t have anything in common with any chick. (We lick the fucking pussy fagboy- you fucking bitches suck mother fucking dick.)

For when the Rastafarian spoke of the sky, I knew at once my finger was on the trigger of the gun pointed at directly at the heart of jesus. & I had no fear of killing him at all…

Report from the AÖC

07 March, 2017. 01:04 Minsk Time

AÖC attempts to seize Murmansk Oblast. Russian Military intervenes, launches bombing sorties to prevent infiltration of its Northern Fleet. AÖC pushed back to region of Lomonosovsky District.

11 March, 2017. 00:27 Minsk Time

AÖC takes Novgorod Oblast, hereby increasing in size by another 55,300 km2. Lord Nekroth appoints Yarosläv Nechaëv as acting & presiding minister during his absence.

14 March, 2017. Yarosläv Nechaëv appoints Michel Chossudovsky Minister of Economic Warfare, then accepts the name of Drak Sahka. Drak Sahka renames kingdom of AÖC the Autonomous Republic of Carpathia (ÄRC).


666 – Your Prison/Smell Me Now

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A: They’re ugly, they’re racist, they steal & they murder.